Our company deals in a wide variety of products from kitchen dishwasher to floor cleaner to glass and toilet cleaner. Our products are renowned for their precision, assured reliability and efficacy. We use the best quality raw materials to manufacture the products that add strength. The testing team leaves no stone unturned to ensure that what customer gets is of paramount quality. We have also stretched our hands in chemical products as well, which are delivered with the same quality and loyalty. All the departments are precised about their respective work, hence ensuring that, we set new bar of quality every time. We provide products at very affordable prices within the stipulated time frame.

White Phenyle

White phenyle formulated with essential oils like eucaliptus oil of south and pine oil is a hygienic cleaner effectively cleans and keeps away flies & mosquitoes. After wash leaves a refreshing sweet lime fragrance. Ideal for use on marbel, tile & mosaic floors, toilet & urinal. Ideal for home, nursing home, hospital, school, restaurant and all public places. Pack sizes 250ml, 500ml, 1lt, 5lts, and 20lts.Read More..

Black Phenyle

Black phenyle is most popular brand black liquid disinfectant available in the market. It bears standard disinfectant quality as per the drug control norms. It is a strong deodorant anticeptic & germicide for disinfecting hospitals, sickrooms, closets, cesspit drains and cow shed etc. We always recomend to use at the drain out let mouth 1:100 emulssion with water every day night before going to bed to keep away rats, cockroaches, snakes etc. Pack sizes 100ml, 200ml, 450ml, 5lts, 20lts.Read More..

Liquid Dish Wash

We are a key manufacturer and supplier of premium quality Fully Integrated Dishwasher. Our Kitchenaid Dishwashers are manufactured from the finest quality steel. It has been observed in study that washing through dish washer consumes only one-third of water compared to when washed with hands, probably that’s the reason that the use of dishwasher is increasing day by day..Read More..

Toilet Cleaner

In our range of cleaning products, we have Liquid Toilet Cleaner, which contains special anti bacterial formula that is efficient to remove the common large intestine bacilli, gold grape cocci and other bacteria. We strictly test the quality of the liquid under the guidance of experts before deliver to packaging department.Read More..

Neem Green

Neem & Green tea antidandruff shampoo helps to fight against heavy dandruff, flaky scalp. Cleanses dead cells to remove dandruff and repair damaged hair. It cleanses the scalp and removes dandruff. Ingredients - Neem , Amla, Methi, Aloevera, Shikakai, Bhringraj, Basil, CameliaRead More..